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Uniting Mind, Body and Spirit

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  • EduYogi: Uniting Mind, Body and Spirit

    At EduYogi, we offer a comprehensive range of educational services designed to empower learners at every stage of their academic journey. From personalized tutoring to interactive courses, our platform harnesses the power of technology to provide engaging and effective learning experiences

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  • The Classic Indian Yoga ( E-Book )

    Discover 'Indian Classical Yoga' by Master Nilesh - Your gateway to yoga mastery in both English and Chinese. Dive into detailed asanas and pranayama practices with step-by-step HD pictures and video sessions. Perfect for beginners to advanced practitioners, achieve body perfection and inner satisfaction through self-practice. Explore various yoga styles including Gentle, Healing, Yogalates, Partner, and Power Yoga. Instant access to e-book and videos for a holistic yoga journey.

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About EduYogi

EduYogi is your one-stop destination for all things yoga, offering a diverse range of products tailored to enhance your practice and deepen your understanding of this ancient art. Explore our collection of yoga books, meticulously curated to provide insights into different yoga styles, philosophies, and techniques. For those aspiring to become certified yoga instructors or simply deepen their practice, our online yoga teacher training courses provide comprehensive instruction and guidance from experienced teachers, accessible from anywhere in the world. Additionally, our yoga manuals serve as valuable resources, offering detailed explanations, illustrations, and sequences to support practitioners of all levels

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